I was brought up with colour, energy and food. In autumn, as children, under the guise of visiting our neighbour we would pop in next door knowing we'd always be offered Sharon fruit from the ever abundant tree - shades of deep orange, fleshy and juicy. In spring, streets are wildly ablaze with pink and white blossoms. In winter, clear moon-lit sky reflecting on the vibrant white snow, creates a cosy romantic atmosphere. In spring, we ate the first fruits before they became ripe, green crunchy, velvety almonds - in winter we warmed our hands with freshly cooked deep red, juicy beetroot from the streetseller. In summer in the fruit orchard, while adults rested from the heat, we played and watched the shivering, shimmering sun rays in the transparent air. My paintings are all about colour, texture, and energy in motion - impressions of all things I see, hear and feel, from past, present and future.

And now as a practicing artist, I teach people what I have learnt through experimenting and being encouraged. That we are all innately creative. My work is to enable people to discover their own unique way of creating, be it via painting, drawing or making a piece of art.

Soheila Keyani

London based abstract painter Soheila Keyani is renowned for the
boldness and vitality of  her work - and for her uncanny ability to
pull searing emotion from the canvas and into the mind of the

With much of her work in private collections around the world, this online exhibition provides an opportunity to view some of
her more recent paintings and prints.

Keyani uses paint to express complex emotions and ideas that she
says she would be otherwise unable to capture.

"My work is about catching energy - energy of sadness, energy of
happiness, energy of raw pure sexual passion, of longing, of desire
spoken or unspoken, of orgasm, reached or unreached, of potential,
fulfilled or trying to brim to the full" read more