Although Keyani began her practice in watercolour, she now works mostly with oils, achieving a rare intensity of colour and vibrancy.
Keyani has also been applying digital imaging techniques to her work, and some of these prints will be on show within this site.

"I mainly use oil because of its feeling of lusciousness and its coyness; oil has to be coaxed.  The process is rather like slow sensuous love - making or an earnest plea to the paint to take shape where my brush directs it."

Born in Iran and brought up in Britain, Keyani revels in the different
categories people attempt to trap her in. Her work sidesteps
categorisation: it demands a direct response.

"I am never totally British, never totally English and never totally Persian. The Persians think I'm a bit different, a bit "western",
while the westerners think I'm rather exotic!"

Mira Katbamna
Journalist 2003

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