Extracts from conversations:

...I had a quick peek on your website ... Loving the paintings, so sexy. Unusual to see a lot of yellow. "Primal Power" is my favourite.

November 2011

Dearest Marcus,

It was good to hear you again today. Three times now you have given me deep words of encouragement and praise. It meant a lot to hear what you said about my work / art. It pushes me forward.

Speak soon.


Dearest Soheila,

We all need encouragement.

Your work is truly beautiful - electrifying actually.
The paintings that immediately jump out and catch my heart (and in a couple of cases have caught by breath as well) are Warrior and Love, and the red and gold unnamed woodchip piece. Spirit Woman is astonishing and captivating .... Untitled (oil on canvas in private collection) to my mind is primeval in its sheer power.

Take good care,

Marcus Czarmecki
July 2010

"... have enjoyed the paintings on your site. They are strong, full of energy, life and courage."

Mayda Narvey
Cellist, Pianist, Teacher and Writer

" I couldn't imagine life without my vibrant red painting by Soheila Keyani. It's the contemporary painting that interests and inspires me above all others. Every morning I stare at it as I await inspiration when I'm writing at my keyboard. I find the picture hypnotic, whilst the circular brush strokes bring me a lot of comfort and enable me to focus calmly. For me it's almost as if there is a 'spiritual' connection there, as if it perhaps brings with it a little piece of Soheila, who I find is one of the most unusual ( in the most complimentary sense ) and uplifting people I've ever had the pleasure to know. I know it's my painting, but I always refer to it as 'Soheila's painting'. I can hardly believe it's mine after all these years! It's one of the most rewarding pictures I have ever known."

Helen Oldfield
Affinity PR

Soheila Keyani is an original and talented artist and her paintings dance across the canvas as they are full of energy and the essence of life.

The art is vibrant exciting and alive, connecting personality and evoking passions desires and emotions. Viewing Keyani's art is like looking into the soul of the artist as her paintings have depth, spirit and charisma.


I walked past 'Kissing' and paused. For the first time I could see something more than a painting. The face of a dragon. Red and worn. The texture of its skin, hard and tough. Its blackened eye couldn't see the angel that was flying towards him. Her blue spirit sent to healhis soul. How beautiful it was to notice them meet.

Rob Sorrenti,
Writer and director
August 2008

Soheila Keyani's artworks are imbued with a great and delightful spirit. Her deeply felt passions are evoked through textures, colours, and the formed and unformed images in her paintings. In the presence of Soheila's work I find it easy to make spiritual and kinaestheic connections with the energy in the work and receive a felt sense of her ease of expression in this medium. Soheila's paintings are generous, expansive, eternal - I find I meet them differently every day in all the ways I am different every day.

Robin Williamson
Project Manager - Smart Planet NZ Ltd
The Environment Centre, Whanganui

I love your paintings. They are vibrant, passionate and show your soul ...They make you think of strong feelings, but most important, for some reason, for me they speak of love. I know your exhibition will be great!

Elena Hutchens, BSc, PhD
University College Dublin &
Natural History Museum London

The obsession with the miniature is a contemporary phenomenon.
Most commonly associated with advancements in technology it is
intriguing to discover it as a site for organic, contemplative
Abstractions. Here one is drawn into each small work, a very intimate landscape where concave colours paradoxically give very generous amounts of space. The restful viewing continues until on further inspection the image breaks down in chaos before your eyes.

This process continues until as a viewer you accept the kaleidoscopic activity the work seems to occupy itself with. This complexity seems to be the creative force itself given a space in which to enjoy. Use of colour is intuitive and bold but the work is not random. There is a visual structuring; the colours seem to be searching for form in whichto rest easy or find balance in space. Perspective is often suggested but never committed to, preferring to reside in the permanent activity that appears almost to generate itself.

There is a clear tension within these works often not resolved because
the composition is not occurring from any cultural or chronological
premise. It is an extremely fuelled activity showing a very energetic
and often affirmative result. The work of Soheila Keyani is like a visual practice of staying open.

Helen Giles
Artist /Art Mentor

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